Rio in Ten Days

 The following is a guide that I have put together based on my friend’s recent trip to Rio. I seek to explore Rio in an authentic way, and I wanted my friend to feel as if she had experienced Rio to its fullest. I took the opportunity to show my friend some of my favorite […]

Weekend Ideas: “Picky-nicky” on the Lagoa 

This past Saturday I decided to celebrate my birthday by hosting a “picky-nicky*” on the beautiful lagoon in Rio’s Zona Sul. (*Fun fact: anything that ends in a “k” or “c” sound in Portuguese is automatically pronounced with a “ee” sound on the end).  It was one of the most memorable celebrations I have had […]

Hare Hare!

 I first met Hare Rapha on the beach in Ipanema after a hot summer’s day. I was hungry and eyeing the vendors when I was lucky enough to hear the “Hare Hare!” shouts coming from down the beach. I say “lucky” because it is the best veggie burger in Rio, and perfectly filling after a […]

Yesterday, I had the amazing chance to listen to my friend Rubel and his band (made up of more talented friends) perform live at Casa Ipanema. It was a gloriously beautiful Sunday in Rio de Janeiro, people were streaming off the beach, and there was live, free music for anyone passing by. Rubel and the […]